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Friday, August 6, 2010

Good things come in threes

...Or so the saying goes.

Sometimes. when I'm browsing through magazines, I'll come across a name and type it into my phone or as an email draft for future reference.  Sometimes these things reveal my emotional patterns before I really know them (so a page full of links for fondue recipes means... eh, you can fill in the blanks).

Sometimes these patterns are just coincidence.  Going through my phone, I stumbled across three shoe labels, all of which start with a K.  I'm not sure if that's enough of a coincidence to be a sign, but we're talking shoes so it's coincidence enough for me.

First Up, Kate Kanzier. A double whammy of K's. Apologies to the blogger whose post I found this on, your blog name has definitely slipped my mind.  If I remember, I'll post up a link.  Great brogues, loafers and ballerina flats, all at reasonable prices.


Next up, Kandee, who do shoes of such sickly sorbet shades (more alliteration, waaay) that they're so wrong it's right.  It's only too fitting that the shoes are all named after the sweets of my youth.  Particular favourite; the Refresher wedge and this beaut of a studded t-bar shoe that Fiona Of Save Our Shoes did a wee post on.


Last, but definitely not least, Kat Maconie, whose beautiful boots will definitely be tempting me this Autumn.  Her autumnally-hued shoes with reassuringly sturdy heels were featured in this months Vogue and if I can't get them, by gum, I'll probably end up sticking my horseriding rosettes to my old boots.  Top marks for possible the most perfect deep shade of red of my dreams.  The boots in the middle just may be my first proper shoe investment, pending financial improvement.


Fingers crossed.