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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Disney Roller Girl revealed! Well, sort of...

If you're in a public place and have inadvertantly blasted everyone's ears out with Richard Nicoll's ruminations on blogging for Vogue, then I'm sorry. Good ol' autoplay. EDIT - the autoplay was starting to deeply annoy people (including me) so I've linked to it instead.

The above video is a collaboration between Vice Style and Blackberry that brings bloggers together in a cornucopia of social media. Most interesting (I think) is the video of Disney Roller Girl, which offers an insight into what must be the most elusive and mysterious figure in the blogging world. Stiff competition, I know.

On another note, I once saw Disney Roller Girl in real life. One of the eleventy million bloggers I met that week (I shall never reveal who) pointed her out to me and I was greeted by a vision of... the back of her head as she headed into the press tent. Oh well. Maybe next time.



Pics: Vice Style