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The Licentiate was started in April 2010 by freelance writer Sarah Waldron, who had too much time on her hands and tended to talk in the third person far more than was socially acceptable.

The blog was originally an offshoot of a previous column called The Graduate, which also ran in The Cork Independent.  It was written from the viewpoint of a recent graduate with no money or regular income in the throes of recession Ireland, which ended when the author (and the rest of the world) finally got sick of the word 'recessionista'.  'Licentiate'  was picked from the results of looking up 'graduate' in a thesaurus.  This was a poor choice, as few people know how to spell or properly pronounce it - blog owner included.

Soon after starting this blog, a  weekly column was commissioned, which is also published here every Thursday. 

The Licentiate is about being smart and liking fashion and showing that the two don't have to be mutually exclusive or a source of snobbery.  It's thinking about what you wear in relation to feminism, film, art, history, social context, the weather, trends - everything.  Fashion isn't just what you buy - it's an expression of who you are.  If this is your first time on the blog, please click here for a good example.

I also like to post pretty pictures.  You can't deny a girl that.

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Sarah Waldron is a freelance writer living and working in Cork City, Ireland.  She is a regular contributer to The Cork Independent and has written for, amongst others, RTE's Red Radar website.  If you want to get in touch, email her at thelicentiate@gmail.com.