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Thursday, March 10, 2011

An Introduction to The Licentiate...

... for those who are coming from the Irish Blog Awards website, who have never seen this blog before, and have no idea what it's all about.

Hello, I'm Sarah and this is my blog, The Licentiate (pronounced 'lie-sen-she-ate' - but there won't be an oral test, I promise).  EDIT: Here's a dictionary definition for curious comers.  In retrospect, it wasn't the best name to pick, but I'm not one to make things easier on myself. This is what I look like.

rykiel front
Did I mention that I hate having my picture taken and I'm very awkward and I don't normally look this smug and ohgoddontjudgemefromthispicture?!?

I've been blogging for almost a year now on style, (hence being a finalist in the 'Lifestyle' category in this year's Irish Blog Awards *happydance*) subculture and it's various permutations in film, books and art.  Any posts before the sixteenth of March '10 are imported from a previous blog.  I'm a freelance journalist and write a column, also called The Licentiate, for The Cork Independent.  You can read them here.

From the first Licentiate post:

This is the product of my obsessions including but not confined to; magazines, stealing my friend's SLRs and fiddling around with the aperture settings, internet shopping, colour schemes, frames of reference and inspiration, history of fashion, the tenets of style, bad taste, out-of-print fashion books, bad DIY, local goings-on, vintage, stuff collected on my travels, patterns and anything slightly insidious, off-kilter or weird.

That was the mandate then, and I've stuck to it as closely as possible.  Here's a few posts for the first-time visitor.  Consider it a cyber pocket guide.


Self-indulgent tripe

1 - A licentiate's backstory (involving me looking stupid in my graduation gear).
2 - Why I blog - You know the hows, now read the why.
3 - Ritualism - A blog post I wrote when my grandmother died and I nearly wore a tutu to her funeral.
4 - Nan's Legacy Part I and II - as you can see, my family is a big deal to me.  I often write posts about both of my grandmothers, who were equally inspiring in wildly different ways.  Here is some of my paternal grandmother's jewellery.
5 - My Family Portrait. Vintage inspiration from my mother's side of the family.


2 - Is the blog the modern equivalent of the zine?  A post about modern publishing and a full reproduction of original 70's zine 'How to Look Punk'.  I can't tell you how much I love this zine - every night I go to sleep and mentally thank the person who upload this on the internet (I may not actually do this).
3 - WWDVD (What would Diana Vreeland Do?) - Or 'why I detest American Apparel'.

Reader favourites
5 - Royal Wedding Bonanza!

I'm terrible at signing off, so I'll just say that you can say friend me on facebook, follow me on twitter or leave a comment to say hello.  I love meeting new people (just as long as they don't follow me back to my apartment) and I hope that, if you like this, you'll come back again.  Over and out *does awkward Vulcan salute*.