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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Links I Love 2

Some inspirational links...

The BF should take note here.
Sixties and Seventies hair pics, iconic women and pin-ups that are apparently never ending.  Note to self - buy hot rollers and gallons of hairspray.
I usually go to London for Arsenal matches and stopovers.  Emirates no longer - I'm going to Kensington Palace!  Must have a look at the fares on Ryanair very, very soon.

Some samples of my work (cuz I'm like a real journalist and like, write about fashion and stuff)

The launch of Cork Fashion Week (getting very excited about this, really looking forward to covering some events for the Cork Indo - fingers crossed!) 
The BT Cork Spring /Summer preview

And one blatant plug for some friends...

The boyfriend is a stand up. A stand up guy that is! That's a terrible joke and he won't be impressed when he sees this. Er, anyway, the boyfriend is a stand up... comic and he and my pseudo step-cousin Brendan and a host of others have made a sitcom pilot to be screened in The Pavilion. 10 euro entrance fee - all of it is going to charidee!