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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Is that a bandwagon I spy...

...because I feel like jumping on it.

I'm mightily interested in those 'what in your bag' posts that are popping up all over the place.  Part of the allure of blogs is the insight you get into other people's lives.  Now we get an insight into their accessories.


This is my bag.  It's a (genuine) vintage Dooney and Bourke bag in tan and black, accessoried with a leopard print Primark scarf.  I love it so.

I'm not a bag person.  I need to be strapped to my bag at all times, otherwise I'll wander off like Ralph from The Simpsons, off to the toilet or dancefloor without it, and never see it again.  Clutches are not my friend.  Backpacks make me look like an ant huffing a gigantic pile of rocks up a hill.  The mid size bag is a, uhm, happy medium.


For a medium bag, it holds a lot of stuff.  This week it's playing house for:
  1. Travel itinaries and booking confirmations - going to Dublin for a few days to catch up with family, go to a few meetings, do a bit of work and hopefully buy a nice pair of pink trousers.
  2. Wallet - a present from my aunt - it basically has my life in it.  A life with no money (so be warned, potential muggers).
  3. Two of twelve billion Cork and Dublin bus tickets.
  4. An iPod that has taken for too many knocks.
  5. Coin purse - Marc by Marc Jacobs and was a Christmas present.  It holds coins.  And sometime lozenges (I'm such an old lady).
  6. Passport - In case Enzo whisks me off to Milan at the last minute.  It is also helpful for getting into pubs.
  7. Generic ibuprofen - because I'm too cheap to buy Nurofen.
  8. Reporters notebook
  9. Whatever book I'm reading at the moment - this one is a biography of Lee Miller.
  10. A pencil - because someone took my pen!  My precious Bic!  I'll get you one day, pen thief...
  11. A Nokia phone which is similar to a Blackberry, but nowhere near as fiddly.
  12. Hand sanitiser - because you'd never know who has cooties.
  13. A lolly.  Just 'cos.
  14. Two bobby pins to whip back an unruly fringe.
  15. Make up.  No. 7 Mascara, Bobbi Brown concealer, Mac eyeshadow in Bronze and Mac matte lipstick in Russian Red.
  16. A pair of Ray Ban Clubmasters.  If I lost these, I would go hardcore baloobas.  My sunglasses are basically my ticket into the outside world.  If you've seen photos of me taken during the day, I'll have these on.  It's not because I'm an indie wanker (that's only about 75% of the reason).  I'm mildly photosensitive.  Direct sunlight hurts my eyes, makes them water and if I don't put my sunglasses on, I'll get a migraine after about twenty minutes or so.  Since Ireland is mostly overcast, this hasn't been too much of a problem.  It's just unfortunate that optimum weather conditions for taking photos are also those which make me want to run for the hills (or a darkened room).
What's in your bag?