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Monday, May 31, 2010

I Heart De Geuzen

There's not really much that I can say about De Geuzen, because when I try to explain it I end up going in circles and confusing myself  The website itself is a bit like peeling an onion, but with much less crying. Every time I click into a section, there's something within it to explore, then another thing, then another thing...  But I can say this much:

 - They are three women working together on a project basis and can be found at www.geuzen.org .
 - The Geuzen website is a smorgasbord of interesting, interactive bits and bobs that engage and encourage people to think about feminism, fashion, art and communication.
 - My favourite part of the website is the DIY section, where you can find instructions for such useful things as popcorn cones to your own temporary library.
 - My favourite item in the DIY section (see why I keep getting so confused?) is the paper dress.  This isn't your average paper dress though (if there is such a thing as an average paper dress).  This is part of the De Geuzen Uniform Series.  According to De Geuzen;

"The Uniform Series is a developing line of identity apparel uniquely tailored for De Geuzen. Negotiating the border between guise and disguise the garments suit a plethora of identities and a multitude of occasions. Seen as a whole, the outfits constitute a set of Geuzen vows.

Made in collaboration with fashion designer Margreeth Olsthoorn, this uniform is constructed from a paper pattern. Accompanied by step by step sewing instructions, the pattern requires a knowledge of subtle engineering and basic handy craft. The uniforms come in three different styles (Model Femke, Model Renée, and Model Riek) and promote a 'do-it-yourself' work ethic.
Crisp and tailored, all three garments combine amazon armor aesthetics with origami know-how."

This is the third effort in their Uniform Series.  Keep it white and it's an austere, clean uniform.  Scribble over it with felt-tips however, and it's a different proposition - an ability to subvert a uniform into a totally different thing altogether.


Maybe when I have the inclination and resources to do this DIY* I'll take my cue from last year's Grayson Perry collaboration with Liberty on their series of art fabrics. Maybe spice up a floral print with some dolls, gravestones machine guns, and damned-soul-ish face-type scribblings.

Grayson Perry for Liberty - images from Clothkits 

*Which is never, because I'm one of those people who makes all sorts of grand crafting plans but never ever gets around to sticking Tab A to Fold B.  It's a curse.