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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How very Insightful

I'm not really a bikini person.  They're just not for me.  This bikini aversion isn't due to low self esteem or disgust at belly baring or the fact that Irish weather is generally so mild that a trip to the beach usually requires a wooly jumper and a thermos of piping hot soup after a brisk dip in the Atlantic.

My problem with the bikini is that I tend to fall out of them.  And I don't play volleyball.  I have to hold onto my sides every time I flip a page of a book while wearing a bikini just in case my strategically placed triangles of cloth held together with floss come loose.  I can't even think about any motion that involves even the slightest wobbling.

Being of the DD+ persuasion (not as much fun as you'd think), swimsuit options are very tight.  Wear a bikini, and risk exposure.  Wear a DD bikini top, and look like you decided to go for a swim in a Marks and Sparks bra.  Most one pieces are either a) utilitarian Speedo-type things, b) high-cut on the hips a la Baywatch circa 1996, c) have those cut outs at the side and front, which make for interesting tribal print tan lines or d) self-consciously retro (which would be my second choice).

Blissfully bereft of all these cliches, I give you the Insight swimwear collection.  I might actually get to venture into the sea this year.



Photos - Insight at ASOS