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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Nan's Legacy Pt II

This isn't strictly jewellery, but...


I love these badges. I've chosen to keep these ones for myself. My gran was a past president of the Soroptimists, which is a worldwide volunteer association of businesswoman. They also organise competitions. It seems a little antiquated now, but schools still take part in their speechwriting and public speaking competitions.

One year I somehow managed to win the county final of the public speaking competition and progressed onto the regional final, which I didn't place in. I would have liked to have won, but wasn't too bothered (I was told later by a judge that they 'weren't looking for funny'). If I was, then the following anecdote would have made me very mad indeed.

We're driving back from the regional. I'm in the front with my father. My gran is in the back. My Dad pats me on the shoulder and sympathises.

"Well, it looks like you won't be going to the final this year".

A voice pipes up from the back.

"I will! I was invited."

Right. Thanks Nan. Thanks a bunch.