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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hello Lovers

I've been baiting friends of mine recently, telling them that I had exciting news to be revealed today.  Most of them jumped the gun and assumed that I was pregnant.  Thanks pals.

As exciting as conception is, my news is strictly local and is really more about the gestation of an idea rather than a living thing.  So, in the spirit of sharing, I'd like to introduce you to my new baby, which you can see here.

The Cork Independent, which is the city's most widely read paper (but don't quote me on that) recently offered me a new column in conjuction with my blog, which I was only to happy to take.  Now I get to ramble on about fashion and personal style as opposed to rambling about the recession.  I'll be sad to let the old column go, but eternally happy that The Cork Independent has taken a chance and let me spout on about style.

To read my first Licentiate column, click on the first link above.  Below is the first paragraph for a taster.

Disclaimer;  If you're not from Cork you might not get the local references.  But if you don't get the jokes, that's just poor writing on my part.

Everyone has a Rebecca in their friend armory. Rebeccas are great. Rebeccas are the kind of girl that have long glossy blonde hair, are masters of the mysterious art of smoky eyeshadow, pass their clothes on to you because they never wear the same dress twice and are regular frequenters of that nightclub in town... You know the one. The one that rhymes with 'banana'.