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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Well, I'm a nerd.

It's been a hectic weekend at the Rose of Tralee, and my liver is threatening to jump ship if I don't lug my bum and several pounds of my mothers baked goods back up to Cork as soon as possible, So here's a quick one before I have to run for the bus.

I look around on Flickr when I get bored, so I've been on photo viewing overload over the past few days.  I've also been watching Rebecca and Jamaica Inn, but that's beside the point (and to go off on anothet tangent, how good are those films?  I love Rebecca so very, very much).  In short, it's been all about the black and white.

Joey Harrison's Flickr folder, Mom's World is a chronicling of his mother and father's early married life, with commentary by his mother.  What she was wearing, where they were and the events that were happening in her life dring the late forties and early fifties.  It doesn't hurt that his mother looks like Lauren Bacall either.  I love looking at the photos with an interest that borders on voyeurism, but I love the tailored suits, the saddle shoes and the pointy bras most of all.

He's disabled downloading of these photos, so out of respect I won't post them here.  But you can see my favourites here, here, here, here and here.