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Friday, April 2, 2010

Fi Lo (the dj, not the pastry)

This is Fiona. She's one smart lady. Fiona is one of those multi-tasking legends that intimidates me by working two jobs, formulating sets, booking holidays and being a great mother in the time that it would normally take me to make and eat a piece of toast.  Quickly.  She's a go-getter, There is no other word.

I took a few photos of Fiona, who gigs under the name of DJ Fi Lo before one of her sets a few weeks ago. I'm only getting around to doing it now, which just goes to show that if I was anything like Fiona I'd have them up by now. Oh well.


Rocking a McQueen-esque dress.  Not the slightly scary screens in the top right corner.  There were silhouettes of naked ladies bouncing around like a Bond film opening sequence on acid, which hypnotised (and occasionally scared) me to no end...

The set was a mix of mash-ups, house and chart, and was funky as fuck (ahem).  Midway through the night a girl came in wearing a dress made entirely of playing cards.  I really wish I'd saved the picture now.  Even her little top hat was made out of cards.  Oh well.  Another time maybe...