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Monday, April 12, 2010

Marie Antoinette Shoe Lust

Ah Marie Antoinette. All style, little substance (from what we're led to believe; personally I think the woman wasn't exactly expected to be an intellectual giant - so she probably just made the best of a bad situation with the naiveté of a teenage girl). With terrible, incredibly badly timed consequences.

Above is a clip from the Sophia Coppola decadence porn/historical biopic snoozefest Marie Antoinette. But wait, what's that? Could that possibly be... no, surely not... a lilac pair of Converse?

Yep, I know it's deliberate. Excuse me for being obnoxious, but Marie Antoinette can keep her Cons. I want a pair of the ostentatiously frilled, pastel pretty shoes in that there film. Or in the spirit of Marie Antoinette herself, I'll just take them all, thanks.

Even though the kitten heel is ostensibly 'back'  (Where did it go?  Was it on holidays?) I somehow don't think that Manolo Blahnik will be reissuing any of his designs for the film and that L.C.P de Pompei, the costume designers for the film, probably won't entertain my order for one pair of shoes.  Ho hum.

However, a quick search on Etsy reveals not one but two stores that repurpose gently worn court shoes and make them acceptably eighteenth century.  It's an odd cycle of history repeating itself - 80's court shoes are named after shoes not unlike those worn by courtiers.  Through the addition of embellishments, the shoe eventually devolves back into it's original self.

Marie Antoinette shoes from 4 My Favourite Things 

Marie Antoinette Shoes from Oxford Heaven
The shoes are at very reasonable price points - Oxford Heaven even does custom orders.  Unfortunately, not only do I not have a Manolo budget, I don't even have an Etsy budget.  Sigh.