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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ignore everything about these videos.

Ignore the odd stances and awkward porturing of the models.  God, don't you hate watching shows where the models have obviously been told 'look like you're having FUN' and they just end up lolloping awkwardly and shrugging at the end of the runway and then maybe doing a little halfhearted jump... "Er, what do we do now...  I know, I'll jump in the air for no reason and pray it turns out alright".

Ignore the baby doll dresses and strapless sweetheart necklines.
Ignore the candy colours.
Ignore the impromptu burlesque strip in the 2010 video (if you can).

But I DEFY you to ignore the 3D knits. Fam Irvoll is an irreverent genius, the bastard child of Minnie Mouse and JC de Castelbajac, who ran away with the circus and picked up some knitting needles after a food fight turned for the worse, leaving her unable to do any trapezework ever again and with an odd urge to knit her snack choices into jumpers and headbands.* Must... have... the liquorice allsort jumper... immediately.

*That never happened.  I made it up.  It would be pretty cool though, no?