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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lazy Easter Weekend

It's Easter Weekend, which for Irish people means four days of sitting around in slubby clothes and watching Easter Parade all to the soundtrack of mouths busily slurping and chomping away on Cadburys Eggs.  The word for Easter weekend amongst the vast majority of non-practising Catholics and atheists in the country is 'lackadaisical'.  I want to be slubby on the couch with a slouchy cardi - but then the siren call of gin and the promise of mischief on a Bank Holiday Sunday approaches...  Dress up or dress down?  It's the kind of question that just makes me want to burrow down even further into the duvet.  No shenanigans for me, thanks.

That was, until I saw the new range from purveyors of kitsch cuteness, Heidi Seeker. Trompe L'oeil biker and blazer cardis.  The sartorial equivalent of an Easter Egg.  Tasty and sweet (with a little bit of guilt for loving it so much thrown in).


I don't shop at Heidi Seeker very often because their inventory is so cloyingly bright and anime-style cute that I often come away from the website feeling as if I've rolled around in a giant vat of candy floss and hello kitty dolls and been spat out somewhere in the Harajuku district, feeling very disoriented and in need of an accessory detox. Yep, I'm a cynical bitch.  All that cutesy-pie stuff - I'm not condemning it or anything, it's just not for me.

Saying that, Heidi Seeker do have a great eye for creative details to hook you in. The trompe l'oeil biker cardi comes with a pot luck of badges for the lapels and an option to customise the back - how very Grease.