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Monday, June 14, 2010

The shoe must go on*

I'm currently sitting through my fourth football match in twenty-four hours (Japan v Cameroon at the moment, the score is zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....) and as a form of creative punishment I may force the boyfriend to accompany me to London in September to watch a dance revue all about shoes (!!!) in Sadler's Wells.

I'm not that much of a fashionophile to go to a po-faced examination of shoes but this is a different creature altogether.  The revue is written by Jerry Springer - The Opera composer Richard Thomas and choreographed by a series of talented people from all facets of dance.

The shoe, sorry that was a Freudian typo, the show isn't a glorification or a fetishisation of shoes (although I think that there is a shoe-fetish song...) but rather an humour-laced examination of the role footwear plays in our lives.  If you're lucky enough to have a subscription to the Times Online you can view behind the scenes preparation footage of the show and read the double page feature in yesterday's Culture supplement.

Subjects that will be touched on includes Imelda Marcos, Sex and the City, Ferragamos, Uggs, Flip-flops, an insidious man in Hush Puppies and best of all:

A song about how utterly shit Crocs are.  Enough said.

PS - The show is called Shoes by the way.  Did you guess that?

*Excuse the pun.  I'm so, so sorry.