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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Treehouse of Horror - Strictly Irrelevant Saturday

This weekend I will mostly be watching old Treehouse of Horror episodes.  The old ones are the best methinks...  Actually putting these up is kinda sorta slightly illegal so I shan't be hosting them, but you can watch them by clicking on the links.  Loopholes, eh?  Bless 'em.


The_Simpsons_405_Treehouse_of_Horror_III - An evil Krusty doll and a King Kong parody. Need I say more?


The_Simpsons_505_Treehouse_of_Horror_IV - Homer sells his soul for a donut, a gremlin only Bart can see vandalises a moving bus and Mr Burns is a vampire.


606_Treehouse_of_Horror_V - No TV and no beer makes Homer something something...