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Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Personal Style Resolutions #1: Noisy Shoes

Our first blogger to talk about her personal style New Years Resolutions is Jane of Noisy Shoes.  Her blog is full of inspiring pictures, catwalk looks and her own incredibly cool textile designs.  Check out her blog or say hi to Jane on twitter!

This time last year I resolved to spend less time procrastinating on the internet. Actually, no that’s
a massive lie. I resolved to use the time procrastinated on the internet in a more pro-active way and
decided to start a blog, to record my procrastinating, as well as some thoughts and other things.
A year later and I am still avoiding work by lusting at things on the internet, but I digress. 2011
Resolutions...  Style resolutions are incredibly difficult, because it’s kind of like trying to predict how
I will feel in the future, but the lovely Sarah asked me to give it a go, so here’s what I got...

Back in September, I bookmarked these looks for SS11, so I guess I want to incorporate them into my
2011 look somehow...

1. Laser cutting – I’m obsessed with laser cutting at the moment, I really want to incorporate it
into my own work, but more importantly I want to wear it on my body!!! Philip Lim’s colour
palette for SS11 was really interesting too, I like the black,tan,blue combo.

3.1 Philip Lim

2. Summer Black – I’m so obsessed with black, but summer black can be a bit extreme. Looks like
these are a nice, summery way to wear my favourite staple. I love the sheer top & the distressed
detailing on the skirt.


3. Shirts - I’ve been wearing shirts with increasing frequency for a little while now, they are fast becoming
another staple for me. I like the casual elegance, and the boyish element that they can bring to an
outfit. So more of those please!!! I am also having a bit of a Mexican-gangster style moment where
I keep buttoning the neck button and leaving the rest of them open...I don’t know why, I just can’t
stop doing it!!!

Paul Smith

4. Maxi-everything - I have recently embraced the maxi thing, and I resolve to wear more maxi things in 2011. I currently only own one maxi skirt so I will be on the hunt for new maxi things over the coming months.


5. Prints - Final resolution for 2011 – I resolve to wear more print on my body. I study printed textiles but I
am hopelessly devoted to block colour. Which is a bit silly really, it’s not very supportive of my own
endeavours!!! My only problem with this resolution is that while Erdem and multiple other designers
create amazing prints, the ones on the high street can be a bit crappy, and overwhelming when seen
on just about everyone. So maybe I should amend it to “prints and second hand”, as more than likely
I’l just try to source good prints second hand, as it’s pretty much the only way to make sure every
other bird around you isn’t wearing the same thing!

So, I think that’s it! I’ve been very good at keeping this year’s resolution (resolving to procrastinate
has to be the most inspired/stupidest thing I’ve done in a while). Hopefully 2011’s resolutions are as
easy to slip into!

Thanks to Sarah for inviting me to do a guest post, and for challenging me to think about
things in a way I probably wouldn’t have otherwise! I normally think about things here.
*Final thought: Seeing as this snow is clearly not going anywhere til the new year, for 2011 I resolve
to fully enjoy wearing normal shoes and appreciate ice-free ground every day!!!! I MISS MY SHOES!!!!!*