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Monday, January 10, 2011

My Personal Style Resolutions #13 Blondorexic

My name is Sian, and I run Blondorexic - it's a mash-up of outfit posts, editorials and pictures I find inspirational, with the occasional video thrown in. I like to look at the transition fashion makes from design, to runway, to street, and I try to bring this across in my blog. My main inspiration source is film. I'm also studying History at Trinity College Dublin, and tend to base my outfit posts on a student budget.

2011, unlike most New Years, definitely seems to be a year for change. Normally I don't even bother making resolutions, and, besides style resolutions, this year was exactly the same with one difference - I became a productive person. Both my bedroom and wardrobe have gone through a complete overhaul in the past week - a far cry from my usual post-Christmas food-induced stupor that renders me completely useless until the return to college.

So with this can-do attitude in mind (wouldn't Obama be proud!), I firmly decided upon my 2011 Style Resolution: The Five Piece French Wardrobe.

When I first read about this on afterdrk.freshnet.se, I thought it was far too extreme a wardrobe diet for someone who buys as many clothes as I do to undertake. However, on closer inspection, the Five Piece French Wardrobe could be exactly what I, and my fellow recession-damaged shopaholics need. The main rule of the diet is to only buy five new key pieces per season (ie. ten per year), not including basics. It's up to you to decide on the rest of the rules, like if you want shoes to be included as one of the five pieces, or hats, or jewellery...you get the point. I had wanted to start buying less, but better clothing, so this 'diet' seems perfect.

In a dream world, my five key pieces for this season would be...

A Vintage Yves Saint Laurent brown leather clutch. (click to see) It's the perfect summer clutch - classy enough for nights out, casual enough for barbeques, and big enough to fit all of your summery things in.

via luisaviaroma

Nina Ricci Draped Nabuk Wedges. Again, another item that could carry you throughout Spring and Summer, and could be succesfully worn with any number of different outfits. I'd wear them with black ankle socks, denim cut-offs and an oversized black shredded tee, YSL clutch tucked stylishly under my arm, of course..

via net-a-porter

See by ChloĆ© scalloped cotton and silk-blend jersey dress. I think getting a dress is very important when following these rules, as it's an entire outfit in itself. This is another really versatile piece - nude goes with everything, black goes with everything, Chloe goes with anything...  How could you go wrong?

via topshop
Premium Red Suede Strap Biker Jacket. Living in Ireland, a good jacket is necessary even in Summer. This cranberry red suede is absolutely irresistible - it would be such a delicious colour on tanned skin. I did say in a dream world..

via luisaviaroma

AQA Contemporary Opals Ring. No girl can resist jewellery, and my personal favourite is a statement ring. You can't get more statement than this opal beauty from AQA; have that resting on your finger and nobody will even glance at the rest of your outfit.

Whether I have the willpower to stick to the Five Piece French Wardrobe and resist Primark's catwalk copies remains to be seen, but, just like the majority of the Irish people, what my wardrobe could really use is a diet after weeks of over-indulging. Hopefully my wardrobe's willpower is stronger than that of the majority of Irish people.

Happy New Year!

Sian. x