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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Personal Style Resolutions #5: Blaubushka

Blau von T from Blaubushka here; the lovechild of a wolf and a unicorn. Blaubushka is the fashion blog for the modern mistress of a world of feminine whimsy and all things whiskey. While Sarah is off an adventure I'll share with you a rant on my new love of the old.

Keep Calm and Embrace Thrift.

Having just invested in my first SLR I find myself low on cash, but almost in an enlightening way; departed is any pressure to buy this seasons 'must haves' and arrived in its place is the challenge to create new looks from my existing collection with minor additions from thrift and vintage stores.

Delving into the back of my closet it feels like I'm meeting old friends I haven't seen for years; Hello leather jacket, metallic pleat skirt and lemon tea dress, lets catch up! I wont deny my fondness for the high street but with its popularity has come an almost uniform attire each season; everyone looking the same and possessing a Venn diagram of overlapping staples. My revolt has begun. I want to experiment with what I have and not get caught up in the 'must have...must buy' hype of high street.

Kate Moss combing the markets

I'll admit to being mostly inspired by the Kate Moss Style Book by Angela Buttolph which explores the formative years of Moss' style and the time spent in Portobello market. One point it raised is the way that vintage and thrift stores can have clothes just thrown together; the juxtaposition of patterns, colours and textures seeping into your subconscious and broadening your ideas of what goes together. That's my ultimate aim; to attain the confidence and vision to think outside traditional views and high street trends and just embrace and enjoy clothes for what they are.

Blau x

Image via We Heart It