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Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Personal Style Resolutions #10: SoooAli


In between studying History of Art and Architecture with Early Irish, Ailbhe loves traveling, cooking and above all, fashion. Her habits are funded by a part-time job as a lifeguard. Somehow she finds time to update Soooali.com with personal style photos, editorials and interviews.

My resolutions follow the calendar of the fashion world and therefore come twice a year! I find it difficult to remain determined all through the year and so doing this makes my resolutions a little easier to stick to. Okay, okay I'll just be honest here, I always fail after a month and I have less time to feel guilty if I change resolutions every few months! Now of course the 'find a solution for world peace' and 'get rich in order to buy a Chloe handbag... I mean, give money to charity' are ongoing resolutions for the rest of my life. Don't we all have a couple? But for next year here is what I plan on doing... at some stage or another:

1. Start a diet, go the gym, uh what other punishments are we humans supposed to endure?

2. Stop making lists and start doing what's actually on them. I am such a procrastinator.

3. Vow to write every appointment etc in my moleskine. I can be scatty at times.

4. Get rid of my leopard print obsession. Immediately. Leopard print scrunchies were the limit. They are not attractive.


5. Get into the 70's trend though I'm a little afraid to embrace the flares again, memories of parachute pants haunt me!

6. Finish a bottle of nail varnish before buying another in the exact same colour...even if it is another brand! Yes that is a picture of just a few of the polishes I own...ahem.


7. Buy more investment pieces...i.e. stay away from Penney’s for a while and save some money.

8. Sort out my wardrobe and get rid of all the fluff in between. Oxfam is going to have a feast!

9. Start looking after my skin; it gets a lick of water every now and then. I have so many products, but never follow through with all the fuss. The wrinkles are appearing though, so it's about time!


10. I guess my main resolutions have the underlying theme of consume less and save more. If I achieve that one little bit I'll be happy.


Finally thank you Sarah for having me, this is my first ever guest post and it was really fun to do. I love reading your site and wish you all the best in 2011!