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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Personal Style Resolutions #14: Glamrocks Luna

Firstly big thank you to Sarah for letting us be guest bloggers on The Licentiate! It is a privilege to be asked. We are two fashion bloggers / stylists/ very excited to say vintage online shop owners!! You can check out our blog here. Follow us on facebook and on twitter. If anyone fancies a little New Year's vintage shopping here is a link to our shop tabitha!

Now all the shameless plugging over let's get down to business! The pair of us sat down and discussed our style resolutions for the New Year. The only thing we can conclude after a long chat is that we are getting old! 2011 is going to see us taking more time and thinking about what we are buying. Gone are the days of walking into a shop and buying an item because you love it. It is time to start thinking more about picking clothes, accessories and shoes that will tie into our existing wardrobes. It may sound a little sad but its true.
In fact, a certain half of this blogging duo was a fiend for spotting something shiny or floral or aztec printed and just buying because they "reaallly needed it"..which has resulted in an awkward situation of every time they open their wardrobe they have a pattern induced seizure.

So, what we're trying to say is there is no point having tons of items in your wardrobe and not being able to create an outfit with them. What is needed is some staple items and a little creativity.

It's also a good idea to stick to a colour palette that suits you. This needn't be boring, like oh I can only wear grey or green is my colour. It could be as simple as picking frosty or warm tones depending on your skin tone / hair colour etc.

We have also mastered the art of male shopping. "Ehhh what?" you ask...

Well men have an amazing ability to wake up and say "Oh i really need a white tshirt". They then go to a store, pick out a top in their size then bam, approx. 56 seconds later they are walking out the door t-shirt in hand.

So a good way of doing this (plus it completely cuts down on impulse shopping ) is to decide what stores you're going to hit ,scour their website and have a wish list ready to just pounce on the items and leave before you decide to "just take a look at the shoes for a second... Oohhh they are amazing... and reduced, ohh......." etc etc.

At the same time there are vintage shops offering amazing one off clothes that are wacky and bright and sequined and tattered ,totally bananas but completely deadly.
When things like this come along and you must have them, just make sure you have a good staple in your wardrobe to pair them with..for example denim shorts / skinnies / plain blouse .

So, these are our resolutions for 2011... Obviously, we're going to fall off the wagon now and then with a pit stop in Penney's resulting in 40 euro of pointless nonsense being bought, but we're ok with that . It's inevitable. Just like my heathy eating resolution will probably come to a crashing end with me ordering everything in Eddie Rockets one day after work because I cant cope with another lettuce leaf.

But we'll have tried, and that's all that matters right?

We hope you have a healthy and happy New Year!!

Lou and Una

Pic via weheartit