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Monday, January 3, 2011

My Personal Style Resolutions #2: A Chick Named Hermia

Hello Folks, this is Hermia here from A Chick Named Hermia. I'm so flattered to have been asked to contribute to The Licentiate while the lovely Sarah is away and it's lovely to have the chance to meet you all. On my own slice of the interweb, I usually just drone on about myself and my life, while dotting the prose with a smattering of photography and fashion....and I don't see why I should do anything different here! :) Oh and if you want to follow me, you can find me on Facebook and also on Twitter.

I'm not usually one for New Year's Resolutions, mainly because I don't believe in making promises I can't keep.

Photo via Funambula

You see, I'm actually incredibly stubborn; so stubborn, in fact, that I will rebel against myself. For example, one year I decided I would give up biting my nails, and by the second week in January, half of my fingernails were bloody. Another time, I decided to dedicate myself to a healthy eating resolution and by the start of February, I'd gained half a stone.

Last year, I started the Giving My Life Some Purpose Project, which consisted of ticking items off a list of 85 things my readers thought I should do before I die. Although I couldn't keep up with recording my efforts, I did manage to get more than halfway through the list by the end of the year, and while I was proud of myself for doing that much, it really was too big a challenge for someone who has little-to-no willpower and a definite lazy streak.

Photo via Kisses and Cross Stitches

So this year I'm going to tie myself down to three to four attainable goals.

The one you'll probably be most interested in is my decision to start shopping in charity shops. I'm a little OCDish when it comes to dirt, especially other people's dirt, and so used clothes have always been a no-go area, to the point that I can't even borrow clothes from other people! Obviously, that has meant I miss out on a lot of bargains and some really pretty vintage pieces, which is made blindingly obvious when one is friends with fantabulous thrift-store-raiders such as Whisty. So hopefully by December 2011 I'll have some vintage additions to my wardrobe and a slightly fuller back account.

Photo via Bleubird Vintage